Roberts H & S
Our city can no longer be divided between north or south, rich or poor. We must bridge the divide and move forward together. We must become a city united for progress. The 28th Ward is a shining example of what progress can be made, but we must be more than an example, we must also provide the leadership to make St. Louis a city that works… for everyone.

What divides us is not so much as what unites us. As Democrats we believe in social justice, in safeguarding the rights of everyone regardless of race, national origin, religious beliefs, gender or sexual orientation. We believe in economic empowerment and helping to lift others out of poverty, providing health services, transportation, good housing, and ending hunger. I share those goals.

As a businessman and entrepreneur I also know what it takes to promote economic revival, to help new business startups, to keep St. Louis in the innovation and tech hub forefront. As a neighbor, I know that we all need vital city services, good streets, alleys, lighting, parks, and recreational facilities must be well maintained. We must also address the challenges of crime and violence and striking the right balance between increased policing, effective prosecution, and getting at the root causes of crime like unemployment, drugs, and hopelessness.

For over a decade I served on the Board of Aldermen, so I am well acquainted with how to get things done. I have a solid record of business development, of involvement with charitable and cultural institutions, and have been active in Democratic politics and supporting candidates at all levels. I believe I am the most qualified individual seeking the nomination for the special election for Alderman that will take place on July 11, 2017.
I am happy to answer any questions and please feel free to contact me at any time. I would greatly appreciate this opportunity and pledge to assist the ward organization, work with our new Mayor, the City Comptroller, and the people of the 28th Ward as your next Alderman.

Thank you!